Windsurfing Carbon weed fin

Posted on March 20 2017

We are proud to present you our new project, an entirely windsurfing weed race fin carbon design. It will most probably the only 100% carbon weed fin available on the market with a unique weed fin design. We are not talking here about a raked back windsurfing slalom fin but a unique design only made for the new high performance slalom boards and freerace machines. 

We teamed up with mechanical engineer & composite expert Matt Stinemetze. Matt is deeply involved in composites with over 20 years of airplane design and space shuttles like the Virgin Galactic space ship. All his expertise combined with Makani fin designer Louis Genest resulted with great results. The Makani fins team flew all the way to Palmdale in March 2017 for an extensive crash course in composites and we have been able to produce our first prototypes and they are so promising that we will start setting up a production process. 

We plan on having our first production available next summer and our goal is to be able to sell them around $400 usd ! Exclusively available online on our website. 

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  • Dean Withrow : May 06, 2017

    Huge win for the guys at Makani and those of us that have been chomping at the bit for a high-end, performance oriented weed fin. Obviously delicious to look at, but having it under my 2017 Falcon 114 for a week in Cape Hatteras was so refreshing. Imagine a weed fin that shines in race conditions providing great lift and serious speed without a hint of spin-out… who knew? I loaded this fin with my 7.7 (wound) and it lifted my kit over nasty chop at a consistent 28+ knot clip with peaks over 30 (GPS). It acted like a race fin should, without having to think about the endless eel grass in the sound. Another bonus was how quick it was to plane after a jibe and point back into the breeze. Obviously I fell in love and decided that I had to have the 38cm prototype That JR dropped on my lap and hopefully a 34cm version for bigger days. Kudos to the design team and flawless lay-up! I’m anxious to get on the waiting list for the first production round and hope there is a Speed Weed in your future plans. Nice work guys… impressive. Dean ICE-9

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