Makani Fins is a windsurfing company specialized in high quality fin design. We offer every windsurfer, from the most demanding sailor to the recreational rider, a wide range of original fins that performs flawlessly in all conditions allowing you to make the most of every precious moment spent out on the water. We simply offer the best wave fins, weed fins, freeride fins and freestyle fins.

Our head fin designer Louis Genest (Eng.) works with the latest Computer Aided Design (CAD) software to develop concepts based on our expertise and windsurfing experience to create a unique blend, the Makani Fins. Our products are repeatedly test-ridden by our team in order to constantly improve their design

Once ready for production our fins are professionally manufactured in major windsurfing brand recognized factories using G-10, an extremely durable makeup of layers of fiberglass soaked in resin, then highly compressed and baked. The product is impervious to both moisture and liquid and is physically stable under climatic changes. We also use Polyester for our freestyle/freemove line-up for more flex and lighter weight. Each fin is carefully inspected before it finds its way to your board.

We are dedicated in providing you with the best service and proudly offer you a 100 % satisfaction guarantee for every fin and every transaction. At MAKANI we offer the best at even better prices. 

Louis Genest

Louis worked as an engineer for more than 13 years in the aerospace and automobile industries in many countries (US, Canada, France, Germany). As a 3D CAD/PLM expert he worked as consultant for large manufacturing companies such as:

Aerospace: Boeing, Airbus, Bombardier Aerospace, Dassault Aviation
Automobile: Peugeot, Renault, Volvo, Honda

The main objective in theses different missions was to develop the best practices for the new CAD/PLM system implementation in different departments of the aerospace and automobile industries: Mechanical, Electrical, Manufacturing, Stress Analysis.

Louis learned windsurfing while working in France in 1998 (where he stayed 6 years) and never quit the sport since. His passion for this sport combined with his expertise acquired over the years made him the perfect clever and technical fin designer for Makani Fins.


Robert Wilhelmy

Robert is a passionate windsurfer who had the idea to found Makani Fins. Our main goal is to provide great fins at great prices to windsurfers worldwide and especially to educate windsurfers on the importance of having the right fin quiver.

First, most windsurfers don't put enough effort in having the right fin quivers. Most sailors have many sails and many boards but very few fins while with the right fins you can have fewer boards and fewer sails and cover as many conditions ... and save a good amount of money and effort. We will work on the website to offer an easy and comprehensive guide to proper fin quivers.

Secondly, if you live in a region were there is few shops close by or even if you have a shop close by most of them don't have many fins in inventory. They have to order it form the manufacturer pay for the shipping and this process often takes up to a month as many are located far away. Many people in between you and the manufacturer means also very expensive fins... some freeride fins retails over $250 making it expensive to get the right quiver especially after buying a $2000 board ! 


The answer to this is MAKANI FINS - Exclusive designs available online at exclusive prices !