New review of the makani fin HB concept 24 cm !!

Posted on September 22 2018

OK so I got a chance to try out my new HB Concept 24 cm fin on my 85 L Goya with a 3-7 M Naish wave sail in some gnarly conditions. It as blowing a solid 30 knots with gusts to 45 on lake Michigan at our favorite spot (Sturgeon Bay ). The verdict is.. WOW. Very impressed. Did everything I wanted and unleashed a confidence I not only needed but wasn't aware was available with such a simple update to my gear. I also got the opportunity to sail the same set up in a more protected harbor with similar wind conditions on the same day but instead of navigating 9-10 foot swell, I was able to play around in 2-3 ft chop and again I was equally impressed. What I like about your fin is that it made the board feel very anchored under my feet while still allowing the board to feel free to do whatever the conditions required. Another way to put it is that the board felt more predictable than it has in the past. If I needed to bear off to avoid getting launched, it did it. If I needed to pinch up wind to get home, no problem. Blasting across the wind was a blast and the board felt fast and free. Please feel free to re-post as a review. I will send you a picture of me on the beach with your fin when I get one from my friend. Sincerely, Douglas
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