Go Small or Go Home !!

Posted on November 04 2011

If the saying go big or go home works for sails well for fins the saying should be go small or go home !!! We get questions from all over the world from windsurfers who are unsure of the fin size they should use with a given board & sail size combination and 99% of users tend to go for a bigger fin to secure themselves from not making the terrible ... SPIN OUT ;-((

Board companies now put very large fins on their boards so that in mag reviews when windsurfer read EARLY PLANNING its a sure seller.  We get used to those big fins and when its time to put a smaller one we fill unbalanced. Well the point in windsurfing is not only in planning early and by the way big fins do not mean always that you will plane earlier but it is also going fast and having fun with a lively board. Freestyle guys plane up VERY early with fins probably less then 1/2 the size of most fins out there. Technique is crucial !

Try going with a smaller fin on your boards and you will discover that with a smaller fin your boards will feel completely different and if you start spinning out work on your technique by changing your stance and your tunning. Knowing how to ride smaller fins will enhance your sailing and your fun on the water. Just ask a friend or a more experienced sailor a different fin and ride it with an open minded attitude for a few hours and experiment you wont regret it !

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