New desing for our Quad fins - the Walu's - Official release winter 2012

Posted on November 03 2011

We just finished our designs of our quad fins set up for 2012. We worked with many different testers throughout the year with 4 different models.  We gathered all the feedback we got from users worldwide we have been able to make some very original designs. We will have a regular design for waves that will work in all conditions from on to side shore. We will also release the first set of weed quad fins with especially designed center fins and also thrusters to go along.


Original designs needs original names -  THE WALU - derived from Hawaiian language and also a unique logo. The logo you can see below is by Philip from projet d'encre. Phil made us a unique fish design completely different from the first one he made with the KOI fin. A smoother look that fits with the smooth ride and precise carving the fin is designed for.

Now Claude from custom couture our legendary graphic artist who makes all the posters and apparel fro MAKANI will finish up with all the final touches ...

Making fins might looks easy but its a long and precise work. We are not only make making fins that performs really well but also fine ones that look great to show everyone that for MAKANI attention to details is everything !

[caption id="attachment_175" align="aligncenter" width="590" caption="windsurfing quad fins"]Walu fish fin[/caption]

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