Mike Burns is testing our freestyle weed fin ... here is the report

Posted on January 21 2012

Hey guys,

So we've been going all out the past couple days testing the prototypes.  They're both working really nice.  Jon and I both like the narrower based fin better.  It's got more than enough grip in a straight line and still slides really nice.  It's a dramatic improvement over the Naia for freestyle.  The one with the wider base was a little too sticky in the tricks.  The narrower fin was the first weed fin I've tried that I can keep planing through a double flaka on.   I also hit my first double spock today with that fin.   So we're totally stoked with that narrower fin and I would say that's the one I'd like to see in production.

Thanks again for everything,


[caption id="attachment_199" align="aligncenter" width="590" caption="weed fins"]windsurfing weed fins[/caption]

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