Testing the Mano weed wave fin

Posted on May 21 2010


We had two fins to test in the wave weed fin Mano range and both were 23 cm but in different constrution, g-10 and vaccum infusion.  Since the fin is less specific then the NAI'a intended for freestylers or freemove riders  this one was tested by many different windsurfers of different levels of riding. In waves and in bump and jump conditions

The g-10 one worked really well with sails ranging from 5.0 to 5.8 sails in 20-25 knots conditions. The fin is just stilghtly thicker then regular fins and not as thick as most other weed fins available on the market. In such sizes everyone felt the fin was grabbing enough without spinning out and was more comfortable then the other thicker ones.

A thinner weed fin facilitates jumping and manoeuvers as the thicker the fin the heavier it is and alos it tends to anchor the board in the water making jumping and chop hops much harder. The fin is ready for production and under general demand we will add a 20 cm in the range for sails 4.0 to 4.8

The vaccum infusion construction was working great also for light weights but for heavy weights the flex was too soft. We also felt the constrution was less durable. As soon as we hit the sand with shells the tip of the fin was damaged while the g-10 one was intact.  A slighlty smaller g-10 fin for lighter weights would give the same flex and enhanced freedom .

weed fin

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