Nai'a testing

Posted on May 18 2010

The Nai'a

We wanted to test the Nai'a 18 and 23 cm but only got the 23 cm on time for our trip. We had the Nai'a 23 in G-10 and in vinylester vaccum infusion to test.

We tested the 23 cm Nai'a weed fin with sails ranging from 5.3 to 6.1 with mostly freemove, freestyle and freewave boards from 95 l. to 110 l.

The principal goal of the Nai'a fin was to permit freestylers to get a nice weed fin to do tricks and stop worrying about cutting expensive fins and having to sail fins with bad foils plus spending hours sanding them. Most of them were disappointed with the results so we decided to design one just for them.

After riding the sail with freemove sailors and some freestylers we realized the fin was more suited for freemove sailors. The fin was more adapted for speed and jumping then sliding moves. It was good to pop the boards out of the water and do vulcans but the spin outs were hard to achieve even with larger sails.

We decided to keep the fin in our line but for those freemove riders who want to go fast in flat water but who also wants to jump some waves and try some tricks here and then.  It is one of the looser weed fin most of us have ever ridden but not enough for the dedicated freestyler. Another fin design is on the table but we still have to test the 18 cm. We just received the protos in us and powerboxes for the 18 cm.

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