Testing the Pinao weed fin

Posted on May 21 2010

The Pinao

We got the Pinao also in g-10 and in the vaccum infusion construction and in the g-10 both a size 33 cm. I tested the fin in 15-25 knots condition at the canadian hole on a hot spring day and the sound was filled with weeds. I used a 6.9 cam sail with a 103 l. Michel, another freerider also tested the fin with a 7.2 freerace sail and a 6.2 sail.

Needless to say that the Pinao g-10 worked way better then the vaccum infusion fin. Larger fins need more stiffness otherwise the flex makes you spin out and you cant hold powerful sails.  The fin in g-10 reacted really well and achieved its goal, go fast ! I was impressed how well the fin reacted to foot pressure even if my sail was a bit large for the size fin according to my weight. Michel felt he need more surface with his 7.2 but with the 6.2 he had a big smile on his face and was smoking fast !We could go upwind and downwind easily and we were as fast as anyone on the water and faster then most with similar gear.

The only modification on this line will be the thickness on the tip we felt it was too soft and fragile to impacts. We will had just a few millimeters of material to had stiffness and resistance to impact. The larger the fin size the more the fin will be upfront on the box and the fin will be available with the tuttle box and powerbox.

weed fin

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