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Posted on December 11 2015

Verified Buyer
HB Concept wave 20
I bought this to go on a 78 ltr tri-fin board to run as a single fin. I flew into the gorge on a big day went straight to the wall where people were out on 3.0-3.7 sails. Put the 20 cm on a 72 liter Quattro single I use as a high wind board. I figured that this fin would be too big. I had been looking at it for 2 weeks and really wanted to try it

out. Went out on a 3.5 and ripped for 2 hours. That fin isn't coming off that board ever. I had put that board in consignment shop as I never thought it worked right. That HB concept fin changed that board completely. Never spun out even on a big day. Carved jibes like I was waterskiing on glassy water.
I guess I need a 22 for the Naish Global wave. tri- fin board. That's my go to Gorge board 4.0-5.0
Got a 26 for a 96 liter fanatic free wave. This was also great. Not as big a difference as the high wind set up but way faster than the tri- fin set up the board came with. Like it better than the 26 Kaku too. Only down side is it does hold onto weeds. Not a big problem as all non weed fins do that.
My friends were laughing at me on the beach that day at the wall before I went out. When I came in they were all coming over to check it out. Read Less

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HB Concept Wave 26" Fin
Exellent fin. Once replaced the stock MFC Freewave 28" fin with the 26"HB Concept Wave it completely transformed the board's behavior. I have tried it on a 105L Quatro Freestyle/Wave board and it really made the board to act and feel like pure wave sailing board. I have sailed it with 5.0 and 5.3 sq meter sails in offshore flat and onshore wave co

nditions. My approximate weight is 75 kg. The fin demonstrated amazing upwind ability when powered up! Great speed and unique maneuverability for a board of this size. Frankly speaking prior to sailing this fin I was rather skeptical about wave sailing on a 105 L board. Not anymore! Great graphics and design that does not go unnoticed at the beach. All in all very happy to have an light wind wave sailing weapon in the quiver. Great job Makani!
Petar Stoynov, Sofia, Bulgaria Read Less

Verified Buyer
My sailing season is over
My sailing season is over for the year due to a hip surgery, it went well, btw. I just want to let you know, with a smile, that my new Makani HB concept has been lying on my kitchen table for a month now, and every day I smile to see its wavy front edge, and whenever a sailor stops by, they are immediately drawn to it and ask about it. Never has o

ne piece of equipment caused so much stoke just lying on a table! If it performs well next Spring in Hatteras it will be just a bonus - I've already gotten my money's worth dreaming of all the tight turns I'll be spinning inspired by all the tight turns in the leading edge of this beautiful piece of work! I'll send you a review of it's on the water performance next April! Read Less

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