New review of the walu2 weed twin windsurfing fins by Petar Stoynov

Posted on September 15 2015

Had a chance to test the Twin Weed Walu 2 fins in various conditions. The fins are great! Perfect fit in the boxes. Great and unique graphics design. Amazing upwind ability when powered up properly. I tested them with a Quatro Tempo 92 liter Twinfin wave board in the sail range 4,7 - 5,3 m2. Offshore flat conditions and onshore wave sailing. Very nice soft response from the board during the moves and transitions once you get used to the fins and it does not take long to begin enjoying them. Can not really tell how much of a help in the heavily clogged weed they were because the conditions were terrible. I guess there is no fin in the world that would help in such amount of floating sea weed. Even kite surfers got caught  occasionaly. But once on a relatively clean surface the are truly shredding. So I am very happy and totally satisfied with this purchase.
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