Ono weed 26 cm report from JAY in Australia

Posted on July 02 2012

I also got the Ono 26cm out when the wind died off a bit, Nice fin with plenty of drive and grip. I thought the 26 would be too small to hold my twin cam 7.5 on a 120L board but I was wrong. I chose to use the 26 as the tide was out and the lake was to shallow to go any bigger. Even though you sell this as a Bump and Jump fin I found it quite at home in a free race board, it felt fast and gybes super smooth and points nice and high. When going off the wind it felt super stable and accelerated nicely. The only time I had issues was when pumping onto the plain, Not the fins fault but due to the fact that I could not run a bigger fin. It actually show how good the fin is, pumping up a 7.5 on a wide tale board was going to be a challenge for a 26cm fin, I'd normally run a 42cm fin for that board and sail. Once again another great fin, keep up the good work.

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