WEED twin Walu's in twin mode from Jay in Australia

Posted on July 02 2012

I had a chance to test the 17cm Walu Weeds in my 115 OES Quad today. The weed conditions where super heavy and the tide was low so I just decided to run the board in Twinzer to eliminate the chance if picking up too much weed. These are the best twin fins I've ever used, Super early to plain and enough grip for solid gybes and really excellent upwind ability, I was surprised how well they point. I was out in about 20-25 knot Bump & Jump conditions, The fins where responsive enough to pick off any ramp I wanted and they jump and land so nicely. The fins have more then enough grip for easy pumping of the sail when the wind was a bit on the light side, Just a few pumps and away they go. They were nice when running off the wind, I recorded just over 27 knots on my GPS in basically bugger all wind. They have a nice rake and allowed for easy shedding of even the heaviest weed, Very nice indeed.

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