Tyson Poor (US-22) about the NAIA 15 cm Freestyle weed

Posted on May 09 2011

"Tried out the new Naia 15 Weed fin in Hatteras and it was sick! I was a little skeptical when I first saw it, because first of all, it was a weed fin, and secondly, it was only 15cm. Then I talked with XL pro freestyle sailor, Wyatt Miller, who had sailed the fin the day before, and he said that he loved it. When I first went out, I was on a 5.0 Neil Pryde Atlas and an 89lt JP Freesytle Pro, a little underpowered, but still planing. The fin was working great. No feeling of drag from weeds, as well as some good upwind ability for only a 15cm fin. I almost think I could have gone with a 14cm or 13cm the way this one was shooting me upwind. As for jumping and spinning, there was good release, as well as a good amount of drive to get some higher jumps off the small chop. Because it was a 15cm, I was able to get pretty close to shore in the smooth water for the freestyle tricks. This had the Makani designers biting their fingernails a little bit, worrying about the fin and the bottom, but everything worked out. All in all, the fin is a GREAT fin for freestyle, especially in a location where you have weeds!"

freestyle weed fin

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