Kaku windsurfing wave fin testing in Greece

Posted on April 15 2011

by T. Barkitzis owner of Stonero windsurf shop and resort

..I also tried 4 times the 24 us box wave it performed even better transforming my old by trusty exocet universal wave 88 to a much friendlier board capable to cope even with my 6,6 point 7 sado(very powerful ) sail

some friends have bought the rest of the wave fins and all of them share the same feeling I do words that came from their mouths were <magic> <easy> smooth and the rest of the guys are asking what happened and they improved their performance especially in difficult seastate conditions.

Underpowered the upwind drive could improve but if this will happen in the expense of the overall performance better keep it as it is the only thing people need to understand is that these fins are not to be confused with any other cheap brand since brand awareness is still inexistant....(more satisfied riders will do the job)

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