Weed blades + freewave boards = bad combination

Posted on May 27 2010

We tested our weed fins with many different board types of different sizes in variable conditions and one combination stands out in our test as being no match ! Freewave boards cant stand blade weeds ! Its probably even worst with wave boards but we did not push that much since we did not have the Pinao with a US box.

The blade weeds with long straight lines going often further outside of the board are  like anchors to boards with more rocker lines. They keep the water line in front of your first straps thus your going slow and cant enjoy the liveliness of your baord. It also makes planning much harder as the board is stuck with too much drag. Plus, since those fins are made for freeride and freerace use they are often sfiff and heavy making the boards very directionnal. Dont ask about jumping with such fins your board will be scotched on the surface.

Boards that have straps in the inside of the board do not need such stiff and heavy fins so go light with smaller weed fins that will let your board jibe and jump ! The NAI'a and the MANO are designed to keep your freestyle,freemove and freewave boards alive !

Just try one and you will be amazed to rediscover your board and you might even forget you have other fins in your quiver ;-). No more boring weed days !

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