And another great feedback on our Walu quads windsurfing fins

Posted on November 21 2012

Got to use the new 10cm weed thrusters with the 16cm center wave fins on the Goya 84 with a 5.3 in down-the-line, waist high conditions, and the new fins really excelled.  Kept me upwind despite the long waverides losing ground for blocks.  The larger thrusters really help point a lot higher (as well as the center wave fins), so no walking even with the long DTL rides.  And the 16cm fins still felt very loose and responsive in the turns.  Also, noticed the new set-up got the board up on a plane earlier and easier, even in the light 16-18 mph wind. Definitely a better combination for light wind days where one needs to climb back upwind after a waveride.


I like the idea of using the weed thrusters all the time and mixing them with the standard center wave fins, as this reduces fin changes in case weeds show up.  We have to deal with weeds in the Gulf about 7-8 months out the year, so this is a much more efficient set-up that simplifies fin changes by limiting the change to the center fins.


Thanks for all of your help and advice.



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