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Posted on April 19 2010

Makani fins is new windsurfing fin company based in Canada specialized in high quality G-10 fin design. We offer windsurfers original windsurfing fins that work in all conditions for the most demanding sailor to the recreational windsurfer who wants to make sure he will enjoy every single minutes of his precious windsurfing session. We offer the best windsurfing wave fins, weed fins, freeride fins and freestyle fins.

Louis Genest (Eng.) the head fin designer works with the latest Computer Aided Design (CAD) software to build unique design based on our expertise and by taking different ideas from our experience to create our unique blend, the makani fin. We then test our fins on the water taking notes after each session to improve the design until we know they are ready for production.

They are then produced in G-10. An extremely durable makeup of layers of fiber glass soaked in resin, then highly compressed and baked. Impervious to moisture or liquid and physically stable under climate change. They are manufactured in the same factories the major brands uses.  Each fin is carefully inspected before taking the road to your board.

Makani fins is dedicated to provide you with the best service and we are offering our 100 % satisfaction guarantee for every fin and every transaction. We apprectiate your feedback on our service and our products so don’t hesitiate to call us or contact us.  www.makanifins.com

Contact us at info@makanifins.com

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