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Posted on February 03 2014

''I received the fin the other day and couldn't wait to use it. It was extremely light, perhaps 12-15 and normally I wouldn't have bothered, but I was inpatient and wanted to try the fin out in the board. 

There were 2 other sailors out there not planning on 7m and 7.5m sails. I was not hopefull for much but decided to get wet anyway. The fin didn't fit the finbox straight away out of the box and needed sanding to fit. No big deal. I got onto the water on a 131L carve and 8m Severne Gator, and the thing planned as soon as it hit the water. Although I was not going fast, I have never planned to early in such low winds. It didn't take much pumping to get going and it kept the board on the plan untill the wind completely dropped out at around 10 knots. I was stoked and the other guys couldn't believe I was planning! Its amazing what a difference the fin made to what I thought was a lazy board.X''


From Jez in Melbourne, AUSTRALIA !! 


Thanks Jez !


Jez from Melbourne, Australia on Feb 02, 2014
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