• PIRANHA Side: Wave (3 or 4 fins setup)
  • PIRANHA Side: Wave (3 or 4 fins setup)
  • PIRANHA Side: Wave (3 or 4 fins setup)
  • WINDSURFING FINS , Makani Fins, PIRANHA: Pure Wave (Single, Twin, Thruster, Quad) - 3

PIRANHA Side: Wave (3 or 4 fins setup)

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PIRANHA: Pure Wave Adaptive G-10 windsurfing fins

AREA:  TBD cm2

After releasing the HB concept last year we kept on working on the HB project with different fin combinations from quad fins to slalom and after testing and re-testing we have come up with an incredible line that is more then an evolution in fin design but a real revolution. These new fins will give you more range, better upwind capability, great speed and complete control ! The effects of the bumps are just amazing but to believe it you have to try them ! We are giving you our 1000% satisfaction guarantee on the Piranha line up : if you are not convinced after a few tries send them back and we will give you a Full Credit ! But chances are you will ask for more ... 

PIRANHA vs HB Concept ==> HERE

MakaniFins Humpback Whale Concept explanation ==> HERE

Louis (designer): "Lots of work to create this line!!! Research & development, analysis, design methodology, prototyping and testing have all been improved with this project to obtain this line completed. This PIRANHA wave line bring an optimized leading edge protuberances combine with a specific foil for best performance possible. By creating a very flexible and generic 3D model, I have been able to adapt the line to be used for quad, thruster, twin and single wave and freewave boards. I am personally very happy to bring this line to our customers ... it has been a real challenge to make :-)"

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